Finding A Pulse: How To Resuscitate Your Dreams in 2019

The New Year is the time for the birth of new dreams and the death of old bad habits. But for some of us, we don’t have a new dream. We have a very old dream that lies dormant within us. This dream is likely already on paper or inside of the notepad within our electronic device. It may be the dream of writing a book, falling in love, starting a business or reaching a certain place in our career. The sad reality is that our dreams don’t always make it. Dreams die. Some die slowly over a course of time within us and others are snatched away abruptly. Life events can kill a dream. Failure and lack of resources can sift away a dream over time. Sometimes life just happens and our priorities switch. The responsibilities of life begin to demand more of us. Yet, I believe that every dream does not have to die. There are dreams within us that have still have breath in their lungs and need for us to reengage them. Let’s look at 7 ways to resuscitate a dead dream.

1. Bring People Along or Join Someone Else

Hebrews 10:24 says “And let us consider how to stir up one another to love and good works.” We need people. Our dreams need people. When you have been hurt by life and crushed by the weight of defeat it is essential to have people around you to process and move forward with. One of the greatest factors of burnout is not over work, but loneliness. We burnout in the dark all by ourselves. To reengage your dream bring someone else along for the journey or join someone else on their journey. In my personal experience as an artist, writer and pastor I have seen this be a game changer. I recently spent a week in Atlanta performing for an art company called “Art With a Heartbeat.” I joined colleagues in their work and saw passions be reignited for writing and performing spoken word. Collaboration and community are critical for sustaining a dream. A lot of times just having people to talk about it with is enough. Join a circle of people who can help keep your dreams alive.

2. Pray

It is so important to gain that higher perspective and guidance that we can only get from the Lord above. We often are too entangled in life to see the bigger picture. Prayer gives us power and perspective to reengage life. It is God who gives the dream and it is God who nurtures the dream. Spend time talking to God about the vision that he has given you and even confess the broken pieces of your heart to him. He knows the pain of a broken dream and wants to heal you.

3. Turn Your Failure into a Classroom

Failure is one of the biggest dream killers. Failure breathes down our neck like a dragon reinforcing all of the insecurities that we had before we tried. Many people quit because of failure. My suggestion would be to not let failure destroy your dream, but to instead use failure as a classroom. Failure is normal. Get used to it. Get comfortable with it and keep a notepad close by. Always be learning. Improve your technique and gain skill from past mistakes. Use yesterday’s loss as a lesson. Fail often and fail forward. Don’t sit in your failure. Don’t wallow in self pity.

4. Develop Confidence through Practice

Nothing builds confidence like practice. Work at your craft to develop true tried and tested skill. There is a difference between arrogance and confidence. Arrogant people over shoot their shot and over project their ability. Confident people know their value and are self aware. A lack of confidence kills dreams for many. After a while you stop believing in you. But, getting better at what you do has it’s away of getting you back into the game.

5. Try A Different Angle

If at first you don’t succeed, dust yourself off and try again. After we have learned from past mistakes now it is time to try again and apply what we have learned. A lot of times this may mean reengaging the vision from a different angle. Maybe you redefine your target audience, stop dating guys like that, eat differently, switch your marketing strategy or move to a new state to gain a new perspective. All of that to say, you don’t have to do the same thing, the same exact away. Marry your mission, but date your methods.

6. Stop Thinking About the Prize and Focus on the Joy of the Process

Faithfulness is success. If we learn to be faithful to a person, place and position over time we will see results. At the beginning, when we set out on the journey for our dreams we are the most excited and filled with the most joy! In the beginning we love the craft and we are excited about the process. Over time the prize can begin to take priority over the process. We want something so bad that we begin to lose joy in the dream. The dream becomes work. This is serious. Especially if we have invested money in the dream. When we begin to lose money and time for the dream it can lose its luster in our mind. The dream becomes the enemy to our happiness. I have felt this as I have engaged projects and lost money on them. The key here is to set realistic goals and to not lose sight of your passion. When focus too much on the prize we lose sight of the passion. When the passion dies, the dream dies

7. Travel (or watch YouTube if you can’t afford to travel)

Travel and see the world. Going to New York City gave me in the inspiration to write a book and start this blog. If you can’t travel and gain exposure on the road go to and gain exposure through the Internet. We have to constantly feed ourselves inspirational content(such as this blog, please subscribe.)

It’s 2019 go and get your dreams. Or bring an old one back to life. Happy New Year!