We Want A Different Story

This book is for black men and those who desire to love and know them better. “We Want A Different Story” is about identity formation amongst African American men and how historical, political and theological narratives shape identity. Stories influence both entire cultures and individuals.The good news is that the story that you inherit does not have to be the story that you accept and pass along to others. Since 1619, we have all been told a distorted story about black men in America. Yet many have chosen to take back the pen and write a better story. The value of a black man’s life has become a mainstream conversation in the 21st century. We Want A Different Story engages this critical conversation with hopes of cultivating healing and empathy in our society. The stories, facts and solutions will assist readers from all backgrounds in deconstructing a false narrative of black inferiority. 

I appreciate Terence Gray’s ability to speak truth to power when it comes to narrative. We must break down false, incomplete, and short-sighted ideologies regarding African American men that are so readily consumed, internalized, and propagated. This is a great book to walk through with some friends or coworkers and engage in empathic listening in order to reframe and construct a truer, more complete narrative. Thank you for framing all of this in context of the greatest and most powerful narrative of all.

Excellent book. Highly recommend for people of any race. An excellent look into what it means to be a black man, and particularly a Christian black man in our country today. Thank you for this book.

This book touches on a lot of the common experiences of many black men in America. I really enjoyed it and am considering to use this as a tool to open more dialogue with my family and friends.